Ordering an interpreter

Ordering an interpreter

  1. Inquiry
    1. Please submit your inquiries using the web form.

    2. Or by phone.
    3. MY Associates, Inc.
      TEL 03-3422-8584

    E-mail or telephone inquiries are also accepted.
    When making an inquiry, please provide information on the following in as much detail as possible.

    • Required languages
    • Desired style of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, etc.)
    • Dates and locations
    • Information related to the interpreting assignment such as industry field, anticipated content, conference name, etc.
    • Equipment for interpreting
    • Number of participants


  2. Estimate
  3. Estimates will vary depending on the content of the interpreting assignment and binding hours, etc. and will be subject to details provided in the inquiry.

  4. Proposal of Recommended Interpreter(s)
  5. We will check the availability of appropriate interpreters from our extensive network.

  6. Payment
  7. We ask all clients to pay in advance. Your order will not be accepted until full payment is received.

  8. Reference Materials
  9. Please prepare manuscripts to be used on the day and other materials related to the content of the interpreting assignment.
    When possible, please provide such materials in advance.

  10. Briefing Sessions
  11. Preparation is essential for good interpreting. Advance briefing sessions facilitate smooth interpreting.

  12.  Commencement of Interpreting Assignment
  13. Time to take center stage and give your best!

  14. Completion of Interpreting Assignment
  15. Please provide candid feedback relating to the interpreting assignment.


We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.