Privacy Policy

My Associates Inc. takes the utmost care in protecting personal information related to our customers’ privacy. In some cases, My Associates Inc. will request the provision of personal information, to be given at the discretion of the customer. In such cases, requested information will be kept to the minimum required, and we will respect our customers’ decisions concerning the provision of any further information.

Collection and Usage of Personal Information

When acquiring personal information, including customer information, My Associates Inc. shall clearly state the purpose of use and acquire such information in an appropriate and fair manner.

My Associates Inc. will acquire personal information for the following business activities and purposes.

  1. Communications and provision of information regarding services
    provided by My Associates Inc.
  2. To respond to consultations and inquiries.
  3. To understand and analyze access status in order to improve services.
  4. To manage and collect information for the creation of company brochures
    and external presentation materials.
  5. *However, such information shall be processed as statistical data,
    and no personal information will be disclosed.

  6. Acceptance of recruitment applications and related notices

Safe Management/Storage/Continuous Improvement regarding Personal Information

My Associates Inc. will accurately process any personal information provided and implement appropriate protective/safety measures to ensure the safety of personal information retained by My Associates Inc. and endeavor to prevent any loss, destruction, alteration or leaks. In addition, personal information will be managed in an appropriate manner through internal operational structures and staff training, together with the implementation of preventive measures and regular inspection of content, with corrections made if any inadequacies are detected.

Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

With the exception of the following cases, My Associates Inc. will not, in principle, disclose personal information to any third party without first obtaining the consent of the customer.

  1. When required by law
  2. When disclosure is necessary to protect human life, limb or property.
  3. When it is necessary to cooperate with national or local government agencies or parties
    entrusted by such agencies in the performance of duties in accordance with the law.
  4. When the submission of documents to a public agency is required in the performance
    of a business operation.

Disclosure/Suspension of Use/Deletion of Personal Information

When actions such as the disclosure, correction, suspension of use or deletion of personal information is requested by the individual to whom said information pertains, such actions will be performed promptly following confirmation of identity through appropriate methods, except in cases where the refusal of such requests is permitted by law or for professional reasons.

Privacy Policy Revision

My Associates Inc. may amend the privacy policy without prior notice in response to changes in social conditions, technological developments and environmental changes, etc.

Personal Information Inquiries

Please use the following contact details with regards to any complaints you may have concerning the handling of personal information or for any other personal information related inquiries.
My Associates Inc. Personal Information Inquiries
Tel: +81-3-3422-8584
(For telephone inquiries, please call between 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00 (GMT +9:00) on weekdays.)