Term of Use

This website is operated by My Associates Inc. By using this website, you agree to the following terms of use. Please also note that these terms may be amended without prior notice.


Article 1 [Services]

  1. The use of these services.
  2. Web access will be required to use this website. The user must prepare the necessary equipment, software and communication method, etc. at the user’s own expense and responsibility, and connect and use the website appropriately.

  3. Amendment/deletion of service content
  4. At present, this website provides information on services such as interpretation, translation, overseas research/business support, overseas local interpreter services, international conventions, and information on recruitment, as well as serving as a contact point for customer inquiries. Please note that other services may be added to the website in future and existing services may be amended or deleted.

  5. Liability
  6. My Associates Inc. offers no guarantees with regards to the services and attached services provided by this website. Furthermore, My Associates Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any losses incurred by the user that may be attributable to any inapplicability of services or cessation of services, etc. provided by this website. For further details, please see the “Disclaimer”.

Article 2 [Handling of Personal Information]

Personal information such as name, e-mail address, home address, telephone numbers, etc. received from the user when using this website will be handled in accordance with our
Privacy Policy”.

Article 3 [Intellectual Property Rights, such as Copyrights, etc.]

The intellectual property rights pertaining to the programs, product photographs and other materials contained in this website are retained by My Associates Inc. The user is granted permission to use this information solely for private use. Any usage beyond this scope (incl. reproduction, transmission, transfer, secondary use, etc.), without the permission of My Associates Inc. is prohibited.

Article 4 [Prohibited Items]

My Associates Inc. prohibits the user from undertaking the following actions.

  1. Actions that are or may be damaging to My Associates Inc. or any third party.
  2. Actions that constitute or may constitute an infringement of the assets
    or privacy of My Associates Inc. or any third party, or actions that defame
    or may defame My Associates Inc. or any third party.
  3. Actions that violate or may violate public order and morals.
  4. False declaration or notification, such as registration of another person’s e-mail address.
  5. Use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses.
  6. Unsolicited sending of spam e-mail or mail magazines, etc.
  7. Other actions that violate or may violate laws and regulations.
  8. Any other actions that My Associates Inc. deems inappropriate.

My Associates Inc. retains the right to make claims for compensation for damages against the user in the event of any violation of the above.

Article 5 [Disclaimer]

  1. Indemnification regarding the accuracy and integrity of website content
  2. My Associates Inc. carefully prepares and manages all information posted on this website. However, no guarantees are made regarding the accuracy or integrity of this information.

  3. Indemnification regarding cessation of services and amendment/deletion of content provided by this website.
  4. My Associates Inc. may suspend or terminate operation of this website, or, amend or delete all or part of the information posted on this website without prior notice.

  5. Indemnification regarding damages occurring due to website failures, etc.
  6. My Associates Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages due to the use of this website or the inability to use this website for any reason, or any damages occurring in relation to data entries by a third party, unauthorized access, transmissions or sending of e-mails, etc.

Article 6 [Compensation]

My Associates Inc. retains the right to make claims for compensation for damages against the user, when the user is found to be in violation of these terms.

Article 7 [Applicable Law/Jurisdictional Court]

This website and the interpretation and application of the terms and conditions of use shall, unless otherwise specified, be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court for all disputes related to this website.