Consecutive Interpretation


Consecutive interpreting is a form of interpreting in which the speaker leaves gaps in the spoken content to allow the interpreter to speak. The interpreter takes appropriate notes, translates and repeats the content spoken by the speaker. Consequently, meetings, etc. employing this form of interpreting will take about twice the time as one without interpreters.

Examples: Corporate meetings, business negotiations, press conferences, observational tours of factories, etc.

Interpreter Class and Required Numbers

A Class/B Class

Half Day For conferences/meetings, etc. lasting no more than 4 hours 1 interpreter
Full Day For conferences/meetings, etc. exceeding 4 hours 1-2 interpreters

Interpreter Class

A Class
Highest level simultaneous and consecutive interpreters specializing in fields such as medicine, nuclear power, chemical sciences, etc.
A Class Interpreters with the ability to conduct simultaneous or consecutive interpretation in highly specialized fields.
B Class Interpreters capable of consecutive interpretation in conferences, etc. involving general content and technical terminology.
General Class Interpreters who can act as sightseeing guides or escort interpreters


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