Interpretation Charge

English Interpretation Charge

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  Class A
Class B
General Class
Full Day ¥100,000~ ¥60,000~ ¥40,000~
Half Day ¥70,000~ ¥42,000~ ¥28,000~
  • A 10% handling charge will be added.
  • The full day charge is based on a service period with eight binding hours (seven working hours AND one hour break). Additional charges will be incurred if the service period exceeds eight binding hours and/or seven working hours.
  • The half-day charge applies for a service period of up to four binding/working hours. If the service period exceeds four hours, the full-day charge applies. Furthermore, if the four-hour service period includes the lunch-time break, the service period will be counted as a full day.
  • For escort interpreter services, the service period shall be the number of binding hours.
  • Services provided outside a 100km radius of Tokyo station shall be charged as a full day operation even if the hours are less than 4 hours.
  • For simultaneous interpreting services, 2 interpreters are required for half a day and 3 interpreters are required for a full day.
  • A surcharge will be added if the service period is more than eight binding hours (additional 25% per hour). If the service period starts from early in the morning (before 8am) or finishes late at night (past 10pm), special charges will be added (50% per hour).
  • There are cases where briefing sessions are required for conferences with specialist content. In such cases, a briefing fee equivalent to 50% full day interpreter charges shall be charged for each session.
  • The briefing hours required on the same day as the scheduled interpreter services shall be included in the service period for that day.通訳
  • Separate fees will apply for long distance or overnight stay business trip assignments.
  • Cancellation fee: 7 days to 2 days prior = 50%, 1 day prior or same day = 100% of fee.

Tourism Guide / Escort

We can arrange tours undertaken by licensed interpreter guides (National qualification) who possess not only good linguistic abilities but also good working knowledge of tourism destinations, the culture and history of Japan.

 Recommended level: Class B or General class


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