Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of interpreting whereby the interpreter almost simultaneously speaks the interpreted version of the words spoken by a speaker (this also includes “whispering interpretation”). Real-time mutual understanding can be achieved through the use of simultaneous interpreting equipment such as transceivers, etc. and in comparison to consecutive interpreting, this form of interpreting can save time. My Associates Inc. can also make arrangements for the audio equipment for simultaneous interpreting purposes.

Examples: Summit meetings, international conferences, symposia, corporate meetings, executive officers’ meetings, seminars, etc.

Regarding Interpretation Equipment

We offer interpretation equipment system options that are best suited to the venue.
An expert technician will oversee installation and operation, from simple simultaneous interpretation systems (such as Panaguide, etc.) up to full-scale systems for large venues.

Interpreter Class and Required Numbers

Special A Class/A Class

Half Day: For conferences/meetings, etc. lasting no more than 4 hours  2 interpreters
Full Day: For conferences/meetings, etc. exceeding 4 hours  3 interpreters

Regarding Interpreter Class

A Class
Highest level simultaneous and consecutive interpreters specializing in fields such as medicine, nuclear power, chemical sciences, etc.
A Class Interpreters with the ability to conduct simultaneous or consecutive interpretation in highly specialized fields.
B Class Interpreters capable of consecutive interpretation in conferences, etc. involving general content and technical terminology.
General Class Interpreters who can act as sightseeing guides or escort interpreters


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